Casio DJ-120D Desktop Calculator

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NEW Casio Extra Large Display Desktop Calculator Use up/down index keys to review last 150 entries on large display. Make corrections and recalculate! Solar plus battery back up

Casio DJ-120D Features

  • Review & Auto Review
  • Go To Function
  • Correct Key
  • GT Memory
  • 3 Key Memory
  • Key for changing Plus/Minus Sign
  • 3 Local Digit Separator Formats (Standard, European, Indian)
  • Double and Triple Zero Key
  • Percentage Calculation
  • Back Space Key
  • Mark Up
  • Rounding selector (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, ADD2)
  • Automatic rounding-off F, CUT, UP, 5/4
  • Square Root

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