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Olympus 4GB DM-901 Digital Voice Recorder

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Olympus 4GB DM-901 Digital Voice Recorder

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  • Multiple Bit Rate PCM/MP3/WMA Recording

  • Internal 4GB Flash Memory

  • SD/SDHC/SDXC Card Expansion up to 64GB

  • Built-In Wi-Fi Wireless Connectivity

  • Supports Remote Recording via Smartphone

  • Works with Olympus Audio Controller App

  • App Available for iOS & Android Devices

  • Use Smartphone Photos as a Visual Index

  • Built-In Controllable Zoom Microphone

  • Color 2" LCD & Intuitive User Interface



The Olympus 4GB DM-901 Digital Voice Recorder has 4GB of internal memory and an SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card slot that allows you to expand the recorder's storage capacity by up to 64GB. It features built-in Wi-Fi as well, which works with the Olympus Audio Controller app for iOS or Android mobile devices. Together, you can use your smartphone to remotely control the recorder's main features. This means you can place the recorder right next to the speaker and control it from the back of the room using your smartphone and the app. You can even start and stop recordings remotely so you only record what you need. Plus, you can use pictures captured from your smartphone as visual index markers.

The DM-901 can record and playback audio files using the WMA, MP3 and PCM (WAV) formats. It uses a zoom microphone for recording, but there's also a mic input for connecting an external microphone. There's a headphone jack and a built-in speaker for listening back to recordings as well. The recorder features sensitivity controls for the built-in zoom mic, which allow you to focus the microphone directly on the audio source - even from a distance - by increasing the sensitivity when the subject is further away. Other features include Voice Guidance and Voice Balancer technology, a 2" full color LCD screen, an intuitive user interface, and noise cancellation technology.

Control Recorder Remotely with Your Smartphone
At events such as seminars and lectures where there is distance between you and the speaker, you can still achieve clear recordings thanks to the Olympus Audio Controller app for iOS or Android. Just set the recorder close to the speaker and use the available app to control your recorder from a distance. You can also start and stop the recording from a distance so you only capture the content you need. Recorded files and visual indexes linked to the files can be easily uploaded to Dropbox through your smartphone and accessed with a web browser.
Use Photos from Your Smartphone as a Visual Index
You can use images taken by your smartphone's camera during a recording as a visual index by linking them to the recording timeline. Using photos as a visual index makes searching and managing your recordings easier than relying just on audio and text.
Built-In Zoom Microphone
The recorder's directivity control technology makes it possible to switch mic direction with the +/- buttons on the recorder. This allows you to zoom in on audio sources when recording a discussion or lecture from a distant position or when recording in an environment in which there is a lot of ambient noise. The recorder's zoom microphone mode adjusts the recording level higher according to the zoom level.
Internal 4GB Flash Memory & 29-Hour Battery Life
The DM-901 features 4GB of internal memory, which supports up to 850 hours of recording time when using the LP mode in the WMA mono format. Plus, the included rechargeable battery provides up to 29 hours of recording or playback on a single charge.
Write Meeting Minutes More Efficiently with Voice Playback
By using the Voice Playback function, the recorder skips the non-voice and dead air parts of your recording and only plays back where there is sound. For example, if 70% of the recording is conversation, a one-hour recording can be shortened to approximately 40 minutes. This allows you to more efficiently transcribe your recording into meeting minutes.
Voice Balancer
When recording meetings in large rooms, the recording levels of each sound tend to vary due to different distances and positional relationships with respect to sound sources. Even in these cases, the recorder's Voice Balancer function adjusts the volume levels of all speakers to a more equal level so that it is easier to hear everyone more clearly.
Noise Cancellation Technology for Clearer Playback
The DM-901's noise-cancellation function powerfully reduces unwanted ambient noise such as air-conditioner noise or projector fan noise. This enables clearer playback quality. The function is most effective when playing back meeting recordings.
Voice Guidance
The DM-901's Voice Guidance feature can read out the names of menu items on the recorder's LCD screen, which means you'll be able to operate the recorder with confidence by touch alone.
Enhanced Screen & User Interface
The DM-901 features a high-definition 2" (50.8mm) full color LCD screen, which showcases the recorder's intuitive user interface. The display measures 1.25 x 1.56" (31.7 x 39.6mm) and it features a resolution of 176 x 220 matrix points.

Other Features

The integrated SD/SDHC/SDXC card slot supports up to 64GB memory cards
Recorder supports five folders that hold up to 999 files each
You can place up to 99 index marks on each file
Recording Scene Modes include: Meeting, Conference, Lecture, Dictation and Speech-Recognition
Sound control options include: Manual record level control, zoom mic setting and low-cut filter
Playback speed is adjustable from 50% speed up to 600% speed
Supports fast forward, rewind and skip playback file operations
Supports repeat playback and A-B repeat playback options
You can choose from alarm, continuous or random automatic playback options
When erasing files, you can erase all, single or partial sections
Recorder supports temporary file marking, file moving and file copy (from folder to folder)
You can divide files, but this is only supported for PCM and MP3 files
You can use the DM-901 for recording podcasts
Recorder doubles as an audio book and digital music player
Built-in speaker supports 280mW working output at 8 ohms
Calendar function helps keep your recordings organized and dated properly
Supports multiple menu and Voice Guidance languages (CS, DA, DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, NL, PL, SV, RU)
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